About Meidi Goh:

Meidi Goh is a folkmusician with roots in renaissance and baroque music. Her instruments are her voice, the fiddle, tenor viol and sevenstringed bass viol. She writes and sings songs that draw their inspiration from fairy tales, Elisabethan music, folk and a personal inner world of magic. Her solo album “Heartstrings” was released in 2018. She accompanies her songs on her viol and also performs her solo work with a guestband of awesome fellow musicians. In addition she works with Storytellers, adds music to rituals and plays in several groups and ensembles, the foremost being the Medieval folkband “Imbue”. You may also know her from Duo H&M with fellow musician Hanna van Gorcum, the folkband AmmA, Barok Ensemble Kolibrie and Gwendolyn Snowdon’s live band.
Meidi Goh

Meidi Goh

Folk Musician

Singer songwriter, seven stringed bass viol, tenor viol, violin, medieval fiddle. Music for stories and stories told in music.

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Support FAUN in Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht with Medieval Folkband “Imbue”

Meidi Goh | Folk Musician


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